How to E-file 1099 Form? Step by Step Video

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  • Step 2

    Add Payer’s Details

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    Enter Tax Details

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    Add Payee’s Details

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    E-file to IRS

Simple Steps to E-Filing of 1099 Form at ETAX1099

1. Create a free account and login:

  • Taxpayers of 1099 form can easily Register for a free account through our easy-to-use registration page. To get started, simply provide your e-mail address a password tailored for use on our website. Once registration has been completed, you will be one step closer to having the ability to start submitting your form 1099/ 1098 returns electronically. Payments for our 1099 e-filing services are only prompted once each form as been completely filled, and before submission.  Payment is required in order to complete submission to the IRS.
  • Once logged into your account, the taxpayer will be brought to the Tax Form Selection Screen. From this screen, you may choose the right form you are looking to e-file for. Consider this screen you "Dashboard". You can reach this screen anytime during the 1099 e-filing process by clicking on "Dashboard" on the top left of the screen.
  • You need to select any of the following form. Then only you can proceed further.

    Form 1099-MISC – It deals with the taxes payable due to miscellaneous income apart from salaries, wages especially in case of independent contractors, say employers/payers.

    Form 1099-INT - The interest earned out by you in different ways like lending, or deposits through accounts in banks or other federal sources attract this tax form for e-file 1099 form.

    Form 1099-K - This form is a result of accepting payment cards as payments, or payments through a third party network that exceeded $20,000 in gross total reportable transactions and the aggregate number of those transactions exceeded 200 for the calendar year. Merchant acquirers and third party settlement organizations, as payment settlement entities (PSE), must report the proceeds of payment card and third party network transactions made to you on Form 1099-K under Internal Revenue Code section 6050W. The PSE may have contracted with an electronic payment facilitator (EPF) or other third party payer to make payments to you.

    Form 1098 - MORT - A person, including a financial institution, a federal/state governmental unit, and a cooperative housing corporation who is engaged in a trade or business and, in the course of such trade or business, received from you at least $600 of mortgage interest including certain points on any one mortgage in the calendar year must furnish this statement to you. If you received this statement as the payer of record on a mortgage on which there are other borrowers, furnish each of the other borrowers with information about the proper distribution of amounts reported on this 1098 form. Each borrower is entitled to deduct only the amount he or she paid and points paid by the seller that represent his or her share of the amount allowable as a deduction. Each borrower may have to include in income a share of any amount reported in box 3. If your mortgage payments were subsidized by a government agency, you may not be able to deduct the amount of the subsidy. See the instructions for Form 1040, Schedule A, C, or E for how to report

    1098-T - Tuition Payments Statement is the Information return that Colleges and Universities are required to issues for the purpose of determining a Student's Eligibility for the Hope and Lifetime Education Tax Credits. Amounts reported include Grants & scholarships, Payment received for Tuition & Amounts biller for tuition, etc.

2. Add your Payer’s Info

After you select the 1099 tax form you will be e-filing for, you will be asked to complete details of the sender and receiver. In the case of a 1099-MISC and 1099-INT form, you will be brought to the Payer Screen. In the case of 1099-K and 1098-T, you will be brought to the Filer Screen. And, in case of the 1098-MORT, you will be brought to the Recipient/Lender screen. You may choose one of two services: Our Self Service or our Premium service. Both services are available to you for e-filing 1099 forms. With our self-service, you enter your Sender/Receiver information manually.

For our Premium service, you can download our excel spreadsheet, add your information and send it to us through email, or you can send us the spreadsheet of your choice (it must contain the same values as our spreadsheet; additional fees apply.). Contact us for more details regarding our Premium Service. The details you will be required to enter are the following:

  • Business Type
  • Business Name
  • Identification method (Tax ID Type)
  • Address
  • Phone number

Once you have added all your sender details, you will click "Continue" next to your entry. You may also highlight the whole entry and click the blue "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

3. Add your Tax Info

At the tax information screen you will be asked the following three questions:

  • Tax Year
  • Are you filing for the Last time?
  • Are you a Reporting Agent? Then Name of Reporting Agent

4. Add Payee’s Info

You will then be brought to the receiver's information screen, titled either "Payee List" (1099-MISC, 1099-INT, & 1099-K), "Payers/Borrowers" (1098-MORT), or "Student list"(1098-T). From here, you may manually add all the details, or take advantage of our bulk upload feature. You may "Edit" or "Delete" any entries by clicking on the corresponding options.

Once you have added all the necessary information, you may individually select which Payees/Borrows/Students to e-file 1099 for, our check all. At the bottom of the screen, click on "E-file selected Payees" (or Payers/Students, depending which for you are filing).

5. Review and E-file your Forms to IRS

You will be given the opportunity to review the information you entered before submitting the 1099 tax return to the IRS.

The very last screen, the 1099 filing fee screen, will calculate your total count of submission, the filing fee amount, and any coupons/discount you may qualify for. We have added the printing and mailing option during check out. You may select to 1099 print and mail to your recipients directly from this screen. All Payees/Borrowers/Students selected will have the form mailed to them. Once the forms have been printed and mailed by ETAX1099, you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow 24/48 hours for printing & mailing services. ETAX1099 accepts all Visas, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. At the bottom, you will be required to enter the card holder's name and Billing address. Once completed, you can click on "Pay Now".

You will be given a reference number and PDF of your submission upon payment. A receipt for the filing fee and a PDF will be emailed to you as well. You may access this PDF anytime by clicking on your "Submission History".

Register for free to E-File Form 1099-INT, 1099-MISC and 1099-K with ETAX1099 or Call us on 703-229-0326 for assistance on filing your 1099 taxes online

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